5 Ways To Keep Your Car From Smelling Like An Ash Tray

how to get cigarette smell out of a carOne of the challenges smokers face is keeping the smell of cigarette smoke out of everything that they come in contact with from their clothing to their vehicle. Since cigarette smoke is easily absorbed into everything it comes into contact with, it is difficult to remove it from everything from clothing, to houses and vehicles. Since their vehicles are one of the places that people who smoke share with their children, co workers, family, and friends, often times on a daily basis and some or all of them that do not smoke. Cigarette smoke can also damage the color of the interior of a vehicle, can burn the inside of a car, and can lower the value of a car. Car dealers reduce the value of a car when it comes to trade in or resale of the car.Therefore, it is a good idea to never smoke in a car to begin with or if smoking does take place in a car, it is important to keep the smell of cigarette smoke out of vehicles. Some may think that this is an impossible task, but it can be done. Car windshields are one part of the vehicle where cigarette smoke is absorbed and it can be hard to get out of the windows.

When smoking takes place in a vehicle, a hazy film regularly develops on the inside of the windows. Not only does it make the windows look bad, it can impair the view from the windows and make driving hazardous. Thankfully, it is easy to make a cleaner that will remove this film from the windows. All that is needed is a clean spray bottle, white vinegar, water, a squeegee, and soft towels. The first step is to fill a clean spray bottle halfway full of water. Then, fill the bottle the rest of the way with vinegar, gently shake the bottle to mix the vinegar and water, and spray the windows on the inside of the car with the mixture. After that scrape and wipe the windshields with a clean squeegee, and clean the windows with soft towels. Baking soda can help a lot with cleaning the smell of cigarettes out of a vehicle as well.

When using baking soda to remove cigarette smoke from a vehicle, the first step is to sprinkle baking soda wherever there is carpet and upholstery in the car. Then put some on the dashboard and headliner. Let it sit on the surfaces that it is put on so it can be absorbed into them. The next important step is to vacuum the inside of the vehicle.

imagesVacuuming the car is the next step and it is very important. Be sure to vacuum every surface of the car to make sure that all the baking soda has been removed. Take the floor mats out, vacuum where they were. Also, do not forgot to vacuum the rear windshield and the roof. If this step is not done thoroughly, then baking soda will not just stay in the place where it was not vacuumed up from, it will move all over the car. That is why it is important to vacuum the whole vehicle. Using a cleaner spray that neutralizes odors is the next crucial step.

A spray that neutralizes odors is very important to getting cigarette smell odors out of a vehicle. Depending on how bad the cigarette smell is, this step may need to be more than once or the surfaces may need to be sprayed a lot. An odor-absorbing cleaner can also be used as long as it is one that is made for a car. Put the cleaner on the vehicle’s dashboard and trim panels and then use soft towels to rub the cleanser on the surfaces. Then, use a clean towel to remove any extra cleaner. If the cigarette smell and the harm it has caused to a vehicle is extremely bad, there is a solution for that as well.

Another way to not have your car smell like an ash tray, but still give you the ability to smoke is switching from an analog cigarette to an e-cig or better known as electronic cigarette. The electronic cigarette uses an atomizer that burns a substance called an e juice or vape juice that contains flavored nicotine, simulating the feelings of real analog cigarettes, but without the bad smell and the carcinogens. There are many companies that can offer the best premium e liquid brands on the market like Cuttwood, vape addict suicide bunny.

If the smell of cigarette smoke is so strong that it has not been removed from the vehicle yet and/or it has caused damage to the car, using commercial bombs or foggers are designed for very heavy or persistent damage. A lot of them are made for homes and rooms. If the damage to a vehicle is extremely serious, then these bombs or foggers can make all the difference in the world. If these steps are followed, then a damaged, dirty, foul-smelling, and/or sour smelling vehicle, can turn into sweet smelling vehicles.

James Bond Spy Cars

If you area  Fan of the James Bond Series like me and is also a car enthusiast, these are some of the cars in one of the best spy movies, in our time.

Aston Martin DB5

aston-martin-db5-smThe Aston Martin is often to be said one of the most famous car in the world. This car, among many of James Bond’s car is the most known car in the James Bond Films.  The DB5 first Debuted in Goldfinger and again in Thunderball. Some other movies that this DB5 was featured in is Tomorrow Never Dies, Casino Royale and GoldenEye. It hard to believe now, in 1968 one of the employee of the film ordered  this original car with the same Registration, had all the gadgets removed then sold it. Luckily the person that bought the car put all the gadgets back in again.

Lotus Esprit 51

lotus-esprit-s1-01-smThe Myth about this car and the way this car was picked to be in the movie is that a Louts PR person found out that Cubby Broccoli was making a brand new Bond Movie at the Pinewood Studios. Somehow got a Lotus to park right in front so Cubby leaving the studio can get a glimpse of it. And the PR person knew that one look</a> at this car, there was no way Cubby would have passed it up with out wanting the car in the Bond Films.


Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud ll

rolls-royce-silver-cloud-in-a-view-to-a-kill-smCubby’s own Rolls Royce was used in his new detective films. The personal plate of CUB 1 was replaced with a new one. An engine double of this car was made for certain scene so Cubby’s real car didn’t get damaged during filming.  The Silver Cloud has been replaced by Silver Shadow and powered a Six point Two Litter V8. Many says that these models are the last of its kind.





History and Background of the Lambo

1965-lamborghini-350-gtHistory and Background of the Lambo goes back to the year 1963 when Ferruccio Lamborghini, the founder and creator of the Lamborghini car company, wanted build a factory of luxury cars that would later become a rival to Ferrari. Mr. Lamborghini did what he could to make his dream project come to life. Even during World War II, he had tons of energy and more than enough determination to start a tractor factory, which lead him to become very wealthy by his fiftieth birthday. Due to the nature of Ferrucio being a wealthy man from start, it was easy for him to get his second project, the Lamborghini car company, started without any hesitations or disruptions.

By the age of sixty, Lamborghini was a very powerful man who knew what he wanted. However, when he stated he wanted to create a super sports car to compete with Ferrari everyone thought he was losing his mind. This did not stop him; in fact, by May 1963 he had founded Automobili Furruccio Lamborghini, used the experience he gained from other companies and hired others to help with building a v12 engine as well as other parts of the car. Since time was considerably short the team had to work hard until the first was, 350GTV, was presented which was already known as a masterpiece.By 1964, the 350 GT was born and later the 400 GT the main difference was it was built with a larger engine containing four-litre as well as the first gearbox, which was designed and created in-house by Lamborghini. When the 400 Gt became ready for public purchase, 273 units sold. A year later, the coupes from Sant’Agata were introduced and increasing in popularity fast. Genuinely, Lamborghini and his team presented a large number of new models between October 1965 and Jun 1966. During 1973While Lamborghini continued to grow rapidly over the first 10 years of production, the company’s profits were hit hard very suddenly as a result to the 1973 worldwide finical downturn and the oil crisis. After investing long, hard years making his project become reality, in 1974 Mr. Lamborghini decided to sell his company to Georges-Henri Rossetti and Rene Leimer.

As you may or may not know, Lamborghini decided to expand their horizons by creating a line of merchandise that become available for purchase through many on and offline department stores. Some of the branded merchandise includes 1526057027_1397789757clothing, goods, accessories, shoes and even electronics.

For the 2014 Lamborghini models, there are currently two model lines with both containing mid-engine two seated sports cars. While there may be a distinct difference between the engines and bodies, both cars are as considered top-of-the-line luxury sport cars of 2014. In most consumers and car experts’ opinions, it’s impossible for any car company to shut Lamborghini in the dark!

Some Car History For You

gallery_1Toyota, known officially as the Toyota Motor Corporation, is a Japanese car manufacturer based out of Toyota, Aichi. Toyota began it’s journey as a section arm of the Toyota Auto Loom Works. The first vehicles which the Loom Works produced were the A1, a proto-type passenger car and the G1, a load carrying work truck.

The Toyota Motor Company was created as a completely different company in the 1930′s and by 2008 the sales of the Toyota Motor Company had far surpassed even Ford’s high sales. This breakthrough made it the number one selling car company in the world.

Ford, also known officially as the Ford Motor Company, started out as the Henry Ford Company on the 3rd of November, 1901. The Henry Ford Company then transitioned to the Cadillac Motor Company when Ford left the company, when he did so he withdrew the rights to his name and so it had to be changed. He then created the Ford Motor Company, the name which the corporation still bears to this day, in a old factory which was converted for the purpose of manufacturing automobiles. 

John and Horace Dodge were substantial investors in this 1903 factory conversion and company restructuring; they would later go on to create the Dodge Brothers Company which would later become the modern day car manufacturer known simply as Dodge.

The proper Ford Motor Company started making cars all by hand with only a handful of workers whom were using parts exclusively obtained from parts manufacturers contracting directly with Ford himself. In less than a decade, however, the company would be the first to lead the world in it’s refinement of the assembly line with regards to it’s use in large scale industrial manufacturing.

The Ford Motor Company was one of the few car manufacturers to survive the economic cesspool of the Great Depression. Another thing that separates Ford from many other car companies is that they are, even to this day, a completely family owned corporation. For over one hundred years the company has been perpetually family owned.

Ford introduced the world’s first moving assembly line in 1913, in 1908 they set forth the historically famous model T, the first engine to have a removable cylinder head. IN 1957 the company produced child safety locks on all their automobiles. The popular and oft culturally referenced Ford Mustang was introduced into production in 1964.

William Clay Ford, ancestor of Henry Ford, is the current executive chairman of the Ford Motor Company Board.